Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce's mission is to increase awareness of Hungary as a tourist destination for Canadians, at the same time Canada as a tourist destination for Hungarians could also be increased, bringing mutual benefits to both Hungary and Canada. 

Hungarian Wines

Tourism between Hungary and Canada could be increased substantially. Hungarians have a very positive perception about Canada  and Hungary has many attractions, from wine, spas, biking, historical tours, etc..

4.3 million Canadians travel to Europe every year of which approximately only 60,000 Canadians visit Hungary, a very small number. We believe the number of Canadian tourists visiting Hungary can be increased through a comprehensive strategy.

Budapest Spas

Canada as a country is the 7th largest spender in the world, but on a per capita basis we are one of the top spenders in the world. For example China is the largest spender on tourism, but on a per capita basis they only spend on average $1200 whereas Canadians on average spend $4000 and do not require a visa.

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