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June 5, 2021 the 101 anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon Day of Remembrance and a Celebration of the National Day of Unity Virtual Event between 3 countries simulcast:
Los Angeles 2pm, Toronto, 5pm, Budapest 11pm, simulcast.

Junius 5 Trianoni Békediktátum aláírásának 101. évfordulója valamint a Nemzeti Összetartozás Napja alkalmából szervezett virtuális megemlékezésünkre, három országbol.
Junius 5: Los Angeles du. 2:00, Toronto du. 5:00, Budapest este 11:00 órai kezdettel

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United States

Webinar: A just transition to a circular economy – Employment trends and visions for the future , 
Montreal time: Dec 14, 2020.   8 am

Webinar: A just transition to a circular economy – Employment trends and visions for the future 


A shift to a circular economy will change job markets considerably: some jobs will disappear, new jobs will emerge and many jobs will change in nature. To ensure a fair transition, it is important to assess and manage the impacts of the transition to a circular economy on the labour market.  


This event focuses on the skills and employment in a circular economy.   


In the event we will discuss two key issues:  


• The circular economy is necessary for a transition to a sustainable future. But can it bring about well-being, equality and other social benefits too? 
• How do resource efficiency, product life extension, sharing platforms and other new circular economy business models affect employment and what new skills will be required?

The webinar is an official WCEFonline side. The event is co-organised by Sitra, Circle Economy and IISD. 


What? Webinar: A just transition to a circular economy – Employment trends and visions for the future 
Where? Online  
When? 14 December 2020, 14:00-15:30 CET (15:00-16:30 UTC +2)  8 am Montreal, Quebec time.

To register click on the following link:


100 years ago, was a sad day for Hungary. The Treaty of Trianon was signed in the Grand Trianon Palace at Versailles, June 4, 2020. That day Hungary lost 2/3 of its lands along with the majority of its population. Its population went from 20 million people to 7 million, imagine the horror. Today though, Hungary is a beautiful strong country with amazing people standing up for its minorities. It is definitely worth visiting with its 1000-year history. Also, it is a great place to do business with all its networks due to its history in Central Eastern Europe.

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Giro D´Italia

Showat the Olympic Stadium, (, Feb. 21 -23, 2020 We are at booth 253. 

This year the Giro D´Italia, an annual multiple-stage bicycle race primarily held in Italy will be starting in Budapest, May 9. This will be the 14th time the race is starting outside Italy. Come find out all about it....                                 

Our participation is sponsored by: Hotel T62, Budapest, Hotel Európa Fit, Héviz, Park Inn by Radisson Zalakaros Resort & Spa, Zalakaros and

Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce invites you to 

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Address by JIM KELLY, Ambassador of Ireland to Canada

Feb 20, 2020

6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Admission free. It will 

Space is limited. Get your tickets here:

at: Concordia University
McEntee Reading Room,
10th Floor, Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 blvd. de Maisonneuve W.

Music Of Hungary
Come join us Oct 5, 2019. 7:30 pm for a cultural delight!

May 3 - 5, 2019: Sixth Friends of Hungary Conference
Budapest, the Capital of the World’s Hungarians

Tony Kez the VP of the HCCC attended this conference. The conference was a great success bringing Hungarians together from all over the world. For more information:

September 20, 2018 : We are organising with ArchEnerg Cluster an International Industrial Hemp Conference at Ópusztaszer Heritage Park.

Participants will be from Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Canada. From Canada, Alberta Just BioFiber will be introducing their Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture. Their presentation will be "A Bio Fiber Building Block System for Carbon Sequestration and Energy Efficiency” Just BioFiber manufactures modular load bearing block wall system with high insulation values made from industrial hemp.

Congratulations to Mr. Viktor Orbán's 3rd consecutive win as
 Prime Minister of Hungary

Fidesz-KDNP make history by becoming the first party in Hungary to win three consecutive terms.

The Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce congratulates Mr. Viktor Orbán's third term victory with 2/3 majority on April 8, 2018. We look forward to working with Mr. Obán's government to increase commercial and cultural relations between Hungary and Canada. The EU is the second largest economy after China in the world. Hungary is an excellent place to take advantage of this large market opportunity, including Central Eastern Europe.

Magyar Diaszpóra
A program to incorporate the Hungarian Diaspora into the Hungarian culture, economy and language.  The Chamber is promoting the HungaryLive!  initiative Supporting Hungarian Culture and Language Worldwide Join us in this endeavour  Helping the Hungarian Diaspora connect

Canada the best country in the world
 CANADA a fantastic place and country to do business with

      Canada is the 10th largest economy in 2017
      Canada ranked 7th and 10th best place to do business

                                                        Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans. An excellent overview of Canadian American relations. 


Canada European Trade agreement
The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. 
This landmark agreement was signed on October 30, 2016 and entered into force on September 21, 2017.

This trade agreement offers a tremendous boost to Hungarian-Canadian bilateral trade. CETA explained

“CAPITALlessISM” is a new CAPITALISM with virtual E-capital, proposing healthy globalization built with  healthy national economies. 
Lack of capital is the main source of any economic crisis, inequalities and radicalization, causing many problems everywhere.
Dr. Anthony Horvath, Phd suggests the creation of a national E-capital process to support healthy national economies which would in turn would support PEACEFUL and Strong GLOBALISATION. Read more......

October 19, 2017. Conference: Understanding Market Opportunities & Challenges for EU Business under CETA. Tony Kez attends this one day conference in Toronto. He attended the workshop, Standards and Technical Regulations to better understand what type of duties are applied to imports and what how the approval methods will work in the future. Here is the Guide to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Networking between Canada and Hungary

September 8, 2017. Conference: Entering Foreign Markets at Pócsmegyer Incubator  Center for Hungarian Slovak startups.
Tony Kez gives a presentation called: Getting North Americans to Know the Economic        Potential of Hungary. 

May 5-7, 2017. Fourth Friends of Hungary Conference in Budapest. Tony Kez the VP of the HCCC attends the conference. He gave a short presentation: The Importance of Strengthening Hungarian Relationships with Canada. He spoke regarding the benefits of having strong ecenomic relations with Canada because firstly Canada is a very rich country and secondly due to its size of 33 million people it is an excellent size  regarding Hungary's manufacturing capacity. In the picture Varga Mihaly, Minister of the Economy is giving a presentation

EU - Mexico Low Carbon Action Plan
October 25 -27, 2016 EU - Mexico Cluster & Business Cooperation Matchmaking Conference.Fostering cooperation between clusters and SMEs from Europe and Mexico in low carbon technology. Tony Kez, vice president of the HCCC, participated on behalf of ArchEnerg, International Innovative Cluster for Renewable Energy and Building Trade from Szeged. 

European Commision Horizon 2020 Info Day
September 19, 2016  Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day- H2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day taking place at the Charlemagne Building in Brussels on behalf of the European Commission - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). Tony Kez of the HCCC participated on behalf of ArchEnerg , International Innovative Cluster for Renewable Energy and Building Trade from Szeged.

Prime Minister Orbán Viktor, Tony Kez and Szilveszter E. Vizi, promoting CAPITALlessISM by Dr. Anthony Horvath
May 7, 2016,  Tony Kez of the Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce participates at the third Friends of Hungary Foundation world conference in Budapest, Hungary. Here Tony Kez is with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán and Szilveszter E. Vizi, the chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. They are promoting Dr. Anthony Horváth's book CAPITALlessISM. This book proposes a strong free-enterprise based, democratic economy model, or rather a complex MACRO-MODEL, when no capital is available for economic development, either because of a crisis or because of speculations. Fundamentally, it proposes as its heart scientific solutions for the design of a PUBLIC-PRIVATE BANKING SYSTEM BASED ON A VIRTUAL-CAPITAL CREATION PROCESS ESTABLISHING NATIONAL BALANCE BETWEEN PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION 

Jakab Istvan Hungarian Parliament
April 21st, 2016 Common path, same interests

Károly Zámbory an associate in Hungary meets with István jakab, Vice President of the Hungarian Parliament. They discussed how trade relations can be improved with Canada and how Hungarian SMEs can take advantage of the Canadian market and vice versa how to increase investment from Canada.

Connecting businesses between Canada and Hungary.....

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